Ulster Chemist Association - NI Ltd partners with AER Temp

Posted on 14 Apr 2024

Belfast, Northern Ireland: AER Temp is delighted to announced a new partnership with the Ulster Chemists Association (UCA-NI Ltd). This partnership will allow UCA-NI Ltd to build a marketplace of locums and allow pharmacies in Northern Ireland to easily and quickly advertise locum roles and fill shifts when needed. AER Temp will power the unique UCA-NI Ltd platform LocumOnline, giving all of its members the ability to access and add shifts when required across multiple roles. 

“We are very excited to partner with UCA-NI Ltd and help streamline the locum experience across Northern Ireland.” says Anthony O’Neill, Co-Founder at AER Temp. “This is a unique opportunity to help a large volume of independent pharmacies find and hire locums very quickly and easily.” 

“We have been looking at ways to help pharmacies in Northern Ireland streamline the locum process and felt AER Temp’s background, experience and technology is the perfect fit to achieve this goal,” says Adrienne Clugston, Operations Manager at UCA-NI Ltd. “AER Temp’s desire to ensure the system worked as we wanted was key in making the decision to partner with them. Our vision is for a one-stop shop for Locum matches, so that client pharmacies registered on LocumOnline will have access to all Locum Pharmacists across Northern Ireland” 

The benefits of this new partnership include. 

● Access to all pharmacies across Northern Ireland

● User friendly process to add and manage shifts 

● Access to a unique marketplace of locums across Northern Ireland

● Streamlined communications

● Efficient and affordable staffing solution

About AER Temp: 

AER Temp is a temporary staffing market management platform which allows the end user to leverage data in real time to accurately forecast demand, temporary worker fall off and business performance. These real time analytics allow our customers to make crucial commercial decisions, earlier and more accurately, ensuring they can attract, engage and retain temporary workers in an increasingly competitive market place. 

AER Temp’s technology powers temp recruitment for both direct clients and temp agencies, with unique features tried and tested since 2018 to help you Attract, Engage and Retain a temporary workforce.

About UCA-NI Ltd: 

UCA-NI Ltd promotes and supports community and primary care pharmacy across Northern Ireland. For over a century the organization has worked closely with pharmacies to keep them up to date with matters in an ever-changing professional and business world. UCA-NI Ltd operates through a Board of Directors. UCA also hosts a number of events for pharmacists, from professional education and training through to social and networking events such as the Pharmacy in Focus Awards.

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