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AER Temp is the product of a decade of collaboration between business owners, temporary workers, software developers, data scientists, human resource and legal professionals.

Throughout the course of its development, AER Temp has processed over two million hours of temporary staff assignments. AER Temp has thrived across multiple territories in highly regulated sectors, where compliance, robustness and continuity of supply are essential to winning and retaining contracts.

AER Temp is not just a temp scheduling platform, AER Temp is a temporary staffing market management platform which allows the end user to leverage data in real time to accurately forecast demand, temporary worker fall off and business performance. These real time analytics allow our customers to make crucial commercial decisions, earlier and more accurately, ensuring they can attract, engage and retain temporary workers in an increasingly competitive market place.

AER Temp’s technology will future proof and protect your business from both your existing competition and from large gig economy players who are starting to circle around traditional temporary staffing markets in office support, healthcare, warehousing, and logistics. Do not wait until it is too late, speak to us today about how AER Temp can transform your temporary staffing business today because, soon, there might not be a tomorrow.

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Anthony O'Neill Managing Director

John Bourke Executive Director

Marek Wystepek Head of Sales

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Ryan Edgar Chief Technology Officer

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