6 Strategies to Maximize Efficiency in Temporary Staff Management

Posted on 24 Feb 2024

At AER Temp, we understand the critical role that temporary staff play when on your client sites. To ensure your clients benefit from optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness when working with your staffing agency, we've compiled a comprehensive guide outlining the top strategies for efficient temporary employee management.

1. Clear Communication Channels

Effective communication is paramount in temporary staff management. Establishing clear communication channels ensures that temporary employees understand their roles, responsibilities, and project objectives from the outset. AER Temp’s web and app based booking portal enables your agency to communicate clearly and effectively at all times.

2. Streamlined Onboarding Process

A streamlined onboarding process is essential for quickly engaging temporary employees. The agency that is the quickest to make their sign ups compliant is invariably the leader in their market. Aside from regulatory compliance, providing access to  comprehensive training materials and access to relevant resources will ensure a high quality, more prepared temp will arrive at your client site strengthening your relationship and building trust with your clients. AER Temp’s comprehensive compliance suite alongside our innovative CPD and resource hub allows you to enables your staffing agency to meet and exceed even the most rigorous standards.

3. Robust Time Tracking System

Implementing a robust time tracking system enables accurate monitoring of temporary staff hours. Online timesheets are an essential component of any agencies time tracking system. Ensuring the correct hours are submitted, approved and billed is crucial to ensure cashflow and speedy payments to temporary staff. AER Temp’s timesheet system is fully configurable to ensure your time tracking and timesheet management works seamlessly in your specific industry.

4. Client and temp feedback Mechanisms

Regular feedback from both temps and clients is crucial for identifying areas of improvement and recognizing exceptional contributions from temporary employees. Continuous communication with both sides of your marketplace ensures that issues are identified long before they escalate to disputes, protecting your your brand and increasing the lifetime value of your clients.

5. Cancellation and no show management

Unfortunately, temps can cancel shifts and sometimes even fail to show for a shift. While it is impossible to completely eradicate cancellations and no shows it is possible to put in place systems and procedures that limit the impact that these adverse events have on your agency. Tracking each temporary staff members cancellation rate and communicating proactively when it increases is one such method. Developing an “On-call” pool of temporary staff for last minute cancellations or no shows will reduce stress when refilling shifts. Finally, allowing staff to swap shifts also allows shifts to be effectively refilled without any input by the agency. All these features are available with AER Temp, allowing your agency to quickly and efficiently manage your cancellations and no shows.

6. Ongoing Engagement 

Maintain ongoing engagement with temporary staff through regular check-ins, surveys, and feedback sessions. Encourage open dialogue, solicit input on process improvements, and recognize and celebrate achievements to foster a sense of belonging and motivation. Often your temps will suggest powerful features that will help drive efficiency across your agency. If your choose to work with AER Temp, we will always be open to receiving feedback on our system and feature suggestions.


In conclusion, effective temporary staff management requires a holistic approach encompassing clear communication, streamlined processes, robust systems, and proactive engagement strategies. By implementing the aforementioned strategies, staffing agencies can optimize efficiency, enhance productivity, and achieve success in managing temporary workforce dynamics. IF you’d like to discover how AER Temp can partner with your agency to drive efficiency, click the button below.

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